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Re: [Rollei] Rolleikin education, Tele Rolleiflex

Hello Peter:
             The Rolleikin 2 have several variations.
As Todd explained, there are different counter knob
models according they have or they have not components
to avoid it can be pulled out when the camera back is
closed (it demands an adequate camera), also there are
variations for the focusing screen masks, early
Rolleikins 2 for cameras without changeable focusing
hood have a black focusing mask that you place on the
focusing screen where it is retained by two little
springs,the Rolleikins 2 for cameras with changeable
focusing hood and screen have an orange focusing
screen mask that you place different, the Rolleikin
kit for 3.5 lenses has a lens hood mask for these
lenses and there is other for 2.8 lenses. The
Rolleikin C (2 C) is the original kit for the 2.8C
without counter knob because that camera has it
incorporated from factory, afterwards it became useful
for the 2.8D, 2.8E and Tele first model because these
cameras also have the 35mm counter knob from factory,
the Rolleikin C was the Rolleikin 2.8 afterwards. The
original "Rolleikin 2" kit had the 35mmm counter knob
included, when the Rolleikin 2  2.8 appeared replacing
the C kit, the original "Rolleikin 2" became
"Rolleikin 3.5". When the cameras with changeable
focusing appeared, the name "Rolleikin 2" was used for
the kit dedicated to F, E2, E3,T, Wide and Tele second
model. All these kits have differences even for
identical components according the box, there are
metal, plastic and leather boxes for the kits.
The Tele Rolleiflex has a dedicated Sports finder
Rolleikin mask designed for this specific Sports
finder, the framing rectangle mask size is different
with regard to the "normal" size, I think it has
16x22mm, not 24x36mm.
The Tele Rolleiflex had a similar evolution to the F
cameras for the 220 film counter and the glass for the
film pressure plate.-

All the best

 --- Peter Kotsinadelis <peterk727  >
> Hello Carlos,
> I have not owned a Tele Rollei (I do want one
> though, maybe one day).
> Even though there are differences in the Rolleikins,
> can I use a
> Rolleikin 2 in a standard Tele Rollei? The 12/24
> would have had to
> come out after 1965, the year when Kodak debuted 220
> film. What is so
> special about the viewer mask for the Tele compared
> to the standard
> one that comes with the Rolleikin 2 for the 3.5 &
> 2.8 TLRs?
> Thank you.
> Peter K
> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 08:29:47 -0300 (ART), Carlos
> Manuel Freaza
> <cmfreaza   wrote:
> > Todd, it was a typo, but the info is true, all
> Tele
> > Rolleiflexes made until the serial number
> 2,305,000
> > has the Rolleikin counter knob from factory, the
> > Rolleikin C or 2 C is used for these cameras,
> > afterwards the Rolleikin 2 2.8, there is a special
> > Rolleikin viewfinder mask for the Tele Rolleiflex.
> > Prochnow says that from Tele Rolleiflex 2,305,001
> this
> > camera uses the Rolleikin 2 for F, E2,E3 and T
> > cameras, he shows two photographs for the Tele
> > Rolleiflex in the Rollei Report 2, one with the
> > Rolleikin Counter knob identical to 2.8C, 2.8D and
> > 2.8E, the other shows a Tele without the Rolleikin
> > counter knob. BTW there are other differences for
> the
> > Tele Rolleiflexes produced, i.e with or without
> 12/24
> > 220 counter, with or without Planglass, two or
> three
> > positions for the back pressure plate, I have not
> the
> > book here but if necessary I can add other date
> this
> > afternoon.-
> > 
> > All the best
> > Carlos
> >

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