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Re: [Rollei] FX/GX Shutter


I own both a 2.8F and a 2.8GX (First model with Sychro-Compur). The 
shutter release of the F is definitively smoother than the one of the 
GX. It is not a big deal, but when you know the F it is clearly 

Kind regards,

Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, The Netherlands.

Op 24-feb-04 om 17:33 heeft Carlos Manuel Freaza het volgende 

> I need to explain again for this message that I'm not
> an engineer or technician.
> I have read several post in the Net saying that the GX
> with the Synchro Compur shutter has not stiffness
> shutter release problems, the problem if exists ( I
> repeat, if exists) is specially with the Seiko shutter
>  due to the shutter is stiff. In other words the
> problem is not the shutter release itself, the shutter
> release is stiff because the shutter is stiff.
> Rollei can't solve this problem because is shutter
> fault.-
> Excuse me if I wrote something wrong, but really there
> are some  GX users commentaries. Also several users
> wrote that the stiffness is light, no problem.-
> All the best
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