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[Rollei] Jerry Lehrer and the Quality of SPS Lenses

At 08:05 AM 2/24/04 -0800, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
>Could you please define what you mean by "that Russian gold"?  Other
>than the Russian MTO Mirror Lens and some excellent vacuum tubes,
>I can't recall any other good stuff. (Maybe caviar, but does it still come
>from Russia?)

Pray, Jerry, do not be a fool.  Superlative SPS (Soviet/Post-Soviet) lenses

5.6/20 Russar MR-2 in LTM and Contax RF BM
6/28 Orion-15 in the same
2.8/35 Jupiter-12 in the same
1.5/50 Jupiter-3 in the same
2/50 Jupiter-8 in the same
2/85 Jupiter-9 in the same and in M42 and M39
1.5/85 Helios-40 in M42 and M39
4/135 Jupiter-11 in LTM, Contax RF BM, M42, and M39

There are others, but these will do for a start.

Soviet lenses are of most variable quality but those constructed well are
magnificent picture-takers.  


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