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[Rollei] OTish: Origins of the Sonnar

This is probably one for Marc...

As I understand it, the Sonnar design dates from
Bertele's days at Ernemann both in basic design and
indeed name. But my understanding has been challenged
by someone else who states: "The original Sonnar name
and general type goes back before Bertele. He took the
existing four element design (the type I mentioned in
my earlier post), filled one of the front air spaces
with a low dispersion glass, and changed the single
rear element into a cemented doublet or triplet.
Certainly he turned a relatively ordinary small
aperture design into a world beating wide aperture
design, but the essential type, as well as the name,
antedates his involvement". So am I wrong? Is it fair
to say that "The Sonnar design is generally just a
lens, typically long focus, with a negative three
element front component (usually two or more groups)
and a positive rear component, which nowadays is often
a doublet, but was originally a singleton"? Or is he
misquoting Kingslake? Or what?


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