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Re: [Rollei] Help! SL66 locked

Hi Martin -

Just cock the camera and re-mount the magazine.

The lockouts won't let you remove an un-advanced magazine and they won't let
you mount a magazine on an un-cocked camera - so you can't accidently double
expose and you can't accidently waste a frame.


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Subject: [Rollei] Help! SL66 locked

> Hi RUG,
> somehow I managed to lock my SL66 again.... it was on a tripod, and
> removing it from it's holder I think I pressed the trigger with no
> magazine (?) and heard the mirror go up and the shutter release. I'm not
> very sure about the whole thing, I just noticed it when I tried to put a
> magazine back on...
> It's status now:
> - Mirror in top position
> - Shutter courtains closed (I think I heard it go off, but I'm not sure)
> - Crank locked in forward position, it doesn't move even when the double
> exposure lever is pressed
> - Magazine off
> In the oval hole on the right side of the shutter window is a piece of
> silver metal visible, it covers the first quadrant (from 12 o'clock to 3
> o'clock)
> Any ideas how to unlock the camera? Of course, I have a photo shot
> today... I'll have to use my backup-SL66, I hope this one will hold up :-(
> Grüße aus Hohenlohe,
> Martin Jangowski
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