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Re: [Rollei] Help! SL66 locked

I haven't locked mine in a couple of decades, so this is from memory.
I believe you have to take a pin to push that silver tab over to the side in
the oval window. While it's pushed, crank the camera to cock it. Then you'll
be able to replace the back.
If anyone has another suggestion, I'm all ears.
S. Dimitrov

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>From: Martin Jangowski <martin  
>To: rollei  us
>Subject: [Rollei] Help! SL66 locked
>Date: Sat, Jan 24, 2004, 1:09 AM

> Hi RUG,
> somehow I managed to lock my SL66 again.... it was on a tripod, and
> removing it from it's holder I think I pressed the trigger with no
> magazine (?) and heard the mirror go up and the shutter release. I'm not
> very sure about the whole thing, I just noticed it when I tried to put a
> magazine back on...
> It's status now:
> - Mirror in top position
> - Shutter courtains closed (I think I heard it go off, but I'm not sure)
> - Crank locked in forward position, it doesn't move even when the double
> exposure lever is pressed
> - Magazine off
> In the oval hole on the right side of the shutter window is a piece of
> silver metal visible, it covers the first quadrant (from 12 o'clock to 3
> o'clock)
> Any ideas how to unlock the camera? Of course, I have a photo shot
> today... I'll have to use my backup-SL66, I hope this one will hold up :-(
> Grüße aus Hohenlohe,
>  Martin Jangowski
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