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Re: [Rollei] WTB: Uncoated diffuse focus lens

>   If you don't need an extreme amount of softness a Goerz
> Dagor, used wide open, has enough residual spherical
> aberration to give slightly soft highlights.

Why not just half of Dagor? Unscrew front lens group,
leave rear one - you get:

Twice the focal,
Half the speed.
Very nice 

Soft focus,
for no price. ;-)

I am frequetly doing this with my 6.8/135 C.E.Riese Doppel 
Anastigmat for portraits and landscapes (thats an old Dagor
type lens; the funniest thing is that this uncoated, old 
lens managed to get pretty nice blue coatings - just in 
effect of years and years of life ;) Some atmospheric 
elements deposited presumably on optical surfaces, giving
very nice and smooth, very light blue coating..
- --  
Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy