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Re: [Rollei] Rollei leather

To repaste leather and to get it smooth is not easy. I tried it a lot of 
times and - as I am not so experienced - the results were not so nice. You 
need a very experienced guy to get decent results.

Try to remove the leather carefully and then clean it and also the body 
with alkohol or cleaning gasoline carefully.
The original glue Rollei used in production and also for repair and which 
is still used in repair shops is Pattex from Henkel company.


At 05:59 22.01.2004 -0800, you wrote:
>I just got a camera back from a CLA and the leather was perfect and mint 
>before I sent it,  but on the winder side,  now that I have it back is not 
>perfectly smooth at the bottom.  It is a bit lumpy.  The CLA guy hasn't 
>returned my message.  I am wondering if any of you RUG people know what is 
>the proper type of glue to use to put the leather down with and what is 
>the likelihood of my pulling this side piece off without damaging it.  I 
>am thinking I can take it off and clean the old glue off better and see 
>what makes the leather not lay smooth and then fix it.
>thanks  Dennis Purdy