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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Factory pictures... all from the 1950s ? YES (END)


some of these pictures were taken inside a  production hall called 
"Schett-Halle" which was a quite famous building in that time because of 
the special arrangemants of the windows at the roof giving best daylight 
illumination to all workers.
So it could be that these pictures were taken upon opening of this new 
building, but that is a guess of mine.
You find this building - if you look to the aerial photo - in the right 
upper corner of the Rollei square, behind the famous "Kraemer-Bau" which 
was finished in 1956. The Kraemer-Bau is a 5 floor building were the 
Schett-Halle is only on the ground floor.


At 16:01 21.01.2004 +0100, you wrote:
> >  Folks, the Heidosmat lenses were made by Rollei and also coated by
> > them. Zeiss and Schneider were bought, after 1972 Rollei obtained
> > licenses for Zeiss lenses to make them. Dirk
>Many thanks, Dirk, this definitely solves the case.
>So we now can agree on what follows : all pictures show actual
>equipement in the time slot where the 1-st grey Rolleiflex T was
>manufactured, i.e. "12th August 1958 to 1966" (M.J. Small, dixit)
>Most probably the pictures were taken to demonstrate the last building
>extensions (1957) and manufacturing equipment (date ???) of the F&H
>plant in Braunschweig, probably before 1960.
>Emmanuel BIGLER