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RE: [Rollei] 3.5E and broken DOF indicator; new picture

I have only opened up the front of my 3,5E3 and there is not much there that
can be broken or get loose easily. A possibility is that the camera is not
assembled correctly or lost the spring that sit on top of the DOF
transmitter gear (I almost lost mine). Other than that, the failure must be
located on the side. It maybe some gummed up grease but getting there is not
easy. If it is not bothering you that much than it's better to leave it that

Siu Fai

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Subject: [Rollei] 3.5E and broken DOF indicator; new picture

I've just picked up a clean 3.5E v2, without meter, with good glass and
everything else apparently in good working order.  However, the DOF
indicator on the focusing knob doesn't work.  How hard is this to fix?  I am
assuming it isn't a DIY job, but would be thrilled to hear otherwise.  If
anyone has any guidance here, I would be more than grateful to hear it.  I
can shoot the camerra as is, I assume, but it would be nice to have the DOF
indicator working

If anyone's looking at pictures any more, here's my latest portrait:


All blunt criticisms, as always, most approeciated.

Sanders McNew