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Re: [Rollei] the 2.8C

I used a 2.8C for thirty years, also I used several
years a 3.5E Planar, a Rolleimagic, I shot several
times a 3.5F and a 2.8 GX, then I can compare.

a)The 2.8C has the advantage is very simple to use it.
It has two excellent lenses, Planar or Xenotar 2.8,
you can use on it most Rollei accesories, including
the Rolleimeter, x-m flash sync, selftimer. The 2.8C
isn't provided with the EVS, IMO this is an advantage
to operate the camera. I understand the EVS is
interesting for specific circumstances, but in general
this mechanism increases the risks with repect to a
mechanical failure, also sometimes is complicated to
operate it ( as I verified using the 3.5E).
The diaphragm iris maybe is an advantage,I'm not sure
about it. I have a photograph into the Rollei -Gallery
called "Laura" where we can see the "bokeh" produced
by the iris. The "bokeh" is something secondary for

b)It's true the plastic shutter release guard and the
locking device for flash cord plug are weak, but you
can operate them even broken turning the metal ring,
also it's true that the secure for the shutter speed
and f stop wheels sometimes are uncomfortable if you
want to change them under certain conditions. Also
it's true the regulable magnifier sometimes drops
easily as Todd wrote months ago.

c)However the disadvantages are minimal, the 2.8C is
an excellent, reliable and robust camera.-

All the best

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