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Re: [Rollei] Re: Tele Rollei was Rolleikin with 3.5 Tessar


Yes, that is a late one. 1966 - 175, 1618 Cameras. The Rolleikin 
counter was standard fitted on the early ones and was an option on 
later cameras.

I have an early one with plane glass and three way back. Sometime 
during its life it lost the Rolleikin counter and has a standard knob 

Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, The Netherlands.

Op 10-jan-04 om 21:06 heeft TrueBadger   het volgende geschreven:

> In a message dated 1/10/2004 8:40:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
> egoldste   writes:
>> GK -
>> Hmmm... I thought both types/all the Teles were rolleikin equipped. 
>> My own
>> Type one from 1959 is... which Tele do you have that isn't?
>> Or perhaps I am misunderstanding... perhaps yours has the
>> counter, and you
>> don't have the kit?
>> Eric Goldstein
> Eric:
> Nope, no counter. Just the regular spool latches at both top and 
> bottom spools.  I think it's a rather late version, but this sort of 
> detail isn't my forte.
> It has the ordinary pressure plate back, and not the glass plate back 
> with the bump, and it also lacks the half-moons under the strap clips. 
> If it helps, the viewing lens SN is 45858XX and the taking lens SN is 
> 45863XX. I purchased it in the mid-seventies from Altman's in Chicago 
> and was told it was about 2 years old. Except for a scratch on the 
> circular tripod fitting on the bottom, it's pristine.
> I also purchased (new) an ever-ready case for it that also lacks the 
> bump, This has a circular leather "knock-out" in place that can be 
> reomoved to accomodate the Rolleikin counter, but it is still in 
> place.  I also purchased a meter and installed it, and kept the 
> original center plate for the knob.
> G. King