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Re: [Rollei] Re: Tele Rollei was Rolleikin with 3.5 Tessar

In a message dated 1/10/2004 8:40:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, egoldste   writes:

> GK -
> Hmmm... I thought both types/all the Teles were rolleikin equipped. My own
> Type one from 1959 is... which Tele do you have that isn't?
> Or perhaps I am misunderstanding... perhaps yours has the 
> counter, and you
> don't have the kit?
> Eric Goldstein


Nope, no counter. Just the regular spool latches at both top and bottom spools.  I think it's a rather late version, but this sort of detail isn't my forte.

It has the ordinary pressure plate back, and not the glass plate back with the bump, and it also lacks the half-moons under the strap clips. If it helps, the viewing lens SN is 45858XX and the taking lens SN is 45863XX. I purchased it in the mid-seventies from Altman's in Chicago and was told it was about 2 years old. Except for a scratch on the circular tripod fitting on the bottom, it's pristine.

I also purchased (new) an ever-ready case for it that also lacks the bump, This has a circular leather "knock-out" in place that can be reomoved to accomodate the Rolleikin counter, but it is still in place.  I also purchased a meter and installed it, and kept the original center plate for the knob. 

G. King