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Re: [Rollei] RE: The US Political Climate

> As far as I am aware, the United States never surrendered it's
> sovreignty to the UN, and I seriously doubt that as long as it remains
> anywhere near a world power, that it will.

There is no doubt that the use should retain its sovereignty on its own
soil. That was hardly the question.

There are international conventions "folkrätt" that govern civilized
behaviour outside a country's own borders. THAT is what the issue is. The
UN is there when the issue appears to be debatable, not clear cut.

The US signed the UN charter and now breaks the commitments entailed by
that charter.

The US is in breach of international law. This is not my personal opinion,
it is the official opinion of the Swedish government (and my own, but that
is beside the point).

> I do realize that many countries think it ought to, but that won't be
> decisive. This may piss a whole bunch of people off, but so be it.

Yes, ignorant stupidity tends to do that, yes.

> We will seek the support of other nations, but will not require their
> permission.

Hopefully they will continue telling you to go get fucked.