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Re: [Rollei] Original Rollei Prototype

>How is it that you know for sure that it is the Original Rolleiflex 
>prototype? Do you have more info on this camera?
>On 8-Jan-04, at 5:21 PM, J Patric Dahlén wrote:
>Yikes! It sure is one of the prototypes! In very good condition too! 
>Have you emailed Mr. Prochnow and told him about your find?

Prochnow Vol 1 page 7-162; the photos match your camera perfectly.

Note the four corner screws on the front board (only seen on the 
prototype), and the right angle focus drive exposed inside (also only 
seen on the prototype...which is fortunate, since it looks like a bad 
idea to expose delicate parts where people can stick their fingers).

Furthermore, no serial number.

Congratulations on what is truly a remarkable find...now you just 
need to find a 9x9 and you'll be completely the envy of the RUG.

Please tell us it wasn't on eBay...

Tom Frank

Thomas A. Frank (KA2CDK)