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Re: [Rollei] Re: Rolleiflash

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Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: [Rollei] Re: Rolleiflash

> Yees, it's a good old-fashioned bulb flashgun. Bulbs
> can be tracked down, but not easily. I have one that
> is purely for decorative effect - I love the look of
> the thing.
> Nick
> --- Jan Decher <Jan.Decher  > wrote:
> > The local dealer who sold me the panorama head is
> > also selling
> > Rolleiflash for some kind of bulb, which attaches to
> > the filter
> > bayonet.  The unit is in good condition and I think
> > it is a Bay II
> > version that would fit my 3.5 E Xenotar.  How does
> > it work?  Are those
> > one-way bulbs?  Does it require a battery to trigger
> > the bulb?  Does
> > anyone know if the bulbs are still available?  Kind
> > of a neat design.
> > There is also a Rolleikin unit, if anyone is
> > interested.
> > Jan
> >
  One source of flashbulbs is:
Paul M. Garrett

  Paul mostly trades in Graflex made equipment but has a
large stock of bulbs of various sorts. There is also a
company in Ireland, called Megaflash, who makes new bulbs
but they are very expensive. Actually, flashbulbs were never
cheap even when mass produced.
  The Rolleiflash has a battery in it, I think these are
still available.
  A Google search for "flashbulbs" found a number of sites
incuding Bill Cress:


  What you want for the Rolleiflash are GE No.5 or
Sylvania/Wabash Press 25 lamps for B&W or their blue coated
equivalents for color work.
  Cress's site has guide number tables. Except for flash
powder flash bulbs will deliver more light per unit weight
than any other means.

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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA