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Re: [Rollei] Capa and Rollei: any references to books ?

At 08:17 PM 5/30/03 -0300, Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:
>I researched something on 1953 Himalayan expedition
>and I found these facts:
>1) The expedition used principally Kodak Retina 35 mm
>and Rolleiflex for still photography.-

I suggest that you read the expedition report by Lord Hunt.  The expedition
cameras were Contax II's donated by Time-Life, then upgrading to IIa's.
There are a slew of pictures taken by the expedition photographer, Tom
Stoddard, and of him, with Contax gear.

I am unaware of any Rolleiflex TLR's on the expeiditon though John Morris
might have had one along.

The only Retina on the climb was Sir Edmund's Stuttgart Type 114, a Prewar
camera he took to the top almost as an afterthought.


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