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Re: [Rollei] Scanner recommendation!

At 07:41 AM 5/30/2003 -0700, Peter wrote:

>CanoScan 9900F (has the dust removal software the Epsons lack)!

A comment and a question-

1.      I keep hearing that the dust and scratch removal software/hardware 
which apparently uses IR to find out something about the image, doesn't 
work.  Does it actually work?  Saying it differently, I did hear from 
several sources that the CanoScan 1250, which has this feature, doesn't do 
that effectively.

2.      The question is:  I have a CanoScan D 1230U which is the best I 
could afford last buying cycle.  I'll probably keep it for a while since it 
does handle not only flat stock but negatives and transparencies up to 
4X5.  The various film/transparency holders which come with it put the film 
at up to 1/4 inch above the platen.

I think I have seen scans of flat material go out of focus at that distance 
(a curve in an opened book, for example).

Finally the question- Just how does the scanner handle transparent material 
so far from what I thought was some critical focal plane?

If anyone wants to reply off-list that would be fine.  I can discuss the 
subject but have no information on current photo diode arrays.

Don Williams
La Jolla, CA