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Re: [Rollei] Capa: Leica or Rollei?

Several in the group have question Capa useing a Rollei for a combat 
parachute jump.  We are forgetting this is WWII.  Were you carried everything with you 
all the time.  You did not jump on a the nearest Hewie, and make it back for 
drinks and dinner.  They were with the troops day in and day out.  LIFE 
magazine always wanted photos of their people on the job.  It was very easy and very 
sure to hand someone a 35mm and say take my picture.   I.E. they are holding 
a Rollei.  Like most of the shooters, he had 2 Contax II, a 28mm,35mm,50mm,and 
a 135mm.  And a Rollei.  This was much the standard kit the LIFE guys 

T. Mike Fletcher