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Re: [Rollei] stuck PC-lockring at Rolleibaby

> You'll need to remove the finder lens to remove the rings. That's all, the
> ar not fixed to the shutter.
> I tried to remove the gummed grease with lighter fluid. So far, no
> success. When still wet, the shutter works perfectly... dried, it's a
> complete failure, nothing moves any more. 
> I'll try to accumulate more energy and patience (I'm currently out of
> both...) and will completely disassemble the shutter to clean it
> thorougly. I removed both lens cells without problems and documented each
> step with a digicam with macro. These pictures are _really_ needed, I
> don't think Ì'll get the shutter back to work without them.


Perhaps these pictures are nice contribution to the Rollei-Gallery. I would 
love to see them. Are you planning on disassembling the shutter completely or 
just flush cleaning?

Siu Fai