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Re: [Rollei] Gotta love EBAY

Cripes! You guys still struggling with this? Ok, place a religious bias
on your search, with a nationalism filter, and then see what you get.
Or, simply, go to 'Sources of Japanese Tradition', Columbia U. Press,
page 21-22.
Slobodan Dimitrov

Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> SF
> If you see or write it in kanji, then you get the specific meaning.
> Jerry
> siufai  wrote:
> > > kami also means paper.
> >
> > I think it also means hair. But my Japanese was very limited five years ago,
> > after I have spend six mothns in that wonderful country, so I may be mistaken
> > for some other word.
> >
> > Siu Fai
> >
> > (Just returned from a week holiday in south Scotland)