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[Rollei] SL66 lens plate and Xenar

I received the SL66 lens plate which I bought from HEC Photo
(http://www.hecphoto.com/) back from Adam at S. K. Grimes' machine shop in
RI (http://www.skgrimes.com/) with a nice M39 thread drilled for $35 plus

 I had sent Adam a compact 3.5/105mm Noflexar lens as a sample male thread,
but am actually using my 4.5/150mm Xenar a permanent fixure on the lens
plate in the SL66 outfit.  The Xenar is a very compact, nicely finished
chrome lens with something like 18 aperture blades.

Now I only need to get the scanner to put some images on the Gallery.
What's peoples current favorite flatbed scanner with transparency adapter
(for Macintosh) for under $400 (Epson, Microtek?)?