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Re: [Rollei] stuck PC-lockring at Rolleibaby

> The last thing is the bushing of the PC outlet. This d*** thing is
> tight. I tried to turn it with a good tweezer... nothing else fits into
> the cramped space. Nothing... it is stuck, and so am I.
> Any ideas how to remove this?

If I remember correctly, there is a ring inside the PC connector that need to 
be removed. You have little space to get to it, so you need to make a "tool" to 
remove it. This "tool" can be made from metal sheet or from an old screwdriver 
(just make a slot in the middle).

Let me know if you succeed in cleaning it and how it went. My friend's "Baby" 
suffers from greasy shutter blades and we are planning on opening it in the 
near future. I already have thought out how to do the surgery but perhaps there 
are any pitfalls that I should be aware of. One thing that I'm still puzzeling 
is that the aperture and time indication rings are fixed at the shutter. I'm 
not sure yet how it is fixed and how to remove it. Your hands-on experience 
will be appreciated.

Siu Fai