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[Rollei] RUG faq.html document, update notice

Hi Ruggers,

The following WWW FAQ document:


  has just been updated on Ferdi's web site to reflect some additional
material discussed on the RUG or new Internet links found since the
last FAQ release... well the last release was 6 months ago, I still
have a huge 2002 backlog of interesting stuff to sort.

In order to get a copy of the very last version of the RUG 'text' or
'html' FAQ by e-mail, between WWW releases on Ferdi Stutterheim's
site, please send me a blank e-mail message to bigler, at ens2m.fr,
with either of the following *subject* lines:
  send rug faq         (to get the pure ASCII text version)
  send mime faq.html   (to get the .html version as an attached file)

In addition to WWW-pointers to Rollei-related stuff, I do welcome all
"permanent" (i.e. something that can still be useful in a few years,
WWW-links being somewhat transient and fragile) bibliographical
references to recent or old, books or magazines, showing Rollei
equipment or Rollei pictures. I have added a new section entilted:

" 5. Miscellaneous references about Rollei and Rollei images : museum
    collections, movies, songs, etc..."

and the first entry here, thanks to Sanders McNew, is an unexpected
song by Serge Gainsbourg, written in the 1960's, with an explicit
reference to the Rolleiflex (TLR?) camera!!!

All the best,
- --
Emmanuel Bigler

- ---------------------------------------------

RUG FAQ : what is new in this revision 2003-05-28 (previous was 2002-11-28 )

1. Introduction

Additional contributors, either for new contributions or extracted
from the RUG archive, corrections to names or e-mail addresses:
 Robert Chiasson,
 Martin Jangowski,
 G. King,
 Sanders McNew,
 Bill Maxwell,
 Lloyd Schultz,
 Frederic Silberman,
 Donald M. Sturles,

- ---
 Revised:   May 28, 2003
- ---
    3.2 Rollei-related WWW links
      3.2.1 web sites, general Rollei information

- ---
 Ferdi Stutterheim : Rollei Braunschweig factory visit on May 8-9, 2003
- ---
 http://www.siufai.dds.nl/Rollei_History.htm  (corrected web site)
    R-TLR serial numbers plus images by Siu Fai Au, the Netherlands

- ---
 http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/tlr.html       Bob Monaghan's correct website address

 A collection of instructions manuals for classical photographic
 equipement (including some Rollei camera and accessories), thanks to
 Richard Urmonas
- ---
      3.2.2 web pages with advice and answers to specific photographic questions

 http://medfmt.8k.com/mf       Bob Monaghan's correct website address

 The development of optical glass in the United States (R. Knoppow)

 On Agfa(TM) lenses and their design, start here
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1214.html (R. Urmonas)
 "Which films were used back then?"  an interesting thread, start here:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0596.html (L. Schultz)
- ---
      3.2.3 web pages with advice and answers to specific Rollei questions 

 Mutar 0.7x
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0474.html (G. King and related thread)
 Rolleiflex standard, instructions
 Rolleiflex MX EVS instructions
- ---
 http://medfmt.8k.com/pw/V.html   address corrected

 Rollicord V cable release issues
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0717.html (R. Knoppow)
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0733.html (A. Zak)
 Identifying a Rolleicord IV
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1138.html (E. Goldstein)

- ---
 http://medfmt.8k.com/pw/35e.htm     address corrected
- ---

 3.5E and 2.8E : a review in the British Journal of Photography On Line

 Bay III (3): Does "38" = "III" ? (Yes!)
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1486.html (P. Kotsinadelis)
- ---

 New Rolleiwide in production, May 2003
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0451.html (F. Stutterheim)

- ---
 http://medfmt.8k.com/bron127film.html  address corrected

 Compensation of parallax by a moving mask in R-TLRs viewfinders:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-01/0067.html (Don Williams)
 Hensoldt viewing accessory:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0804.html (C. M. Freaza and related thread)
 Ageing and accuracy of R-TLR selenium cells
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1542.html (R. Knoppow and related thread)
 using filters and polarizers on a R-TLR:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0527.html (G. King)
 R-TLR microscope attachment
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1257.html (G. King)
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1258.html (D. M. Surles)
 Rollei TLR pistol grip instructions
 Example of pictures with a panoramic head and discussion
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0383.html (C. M. Freaza and related thread)

 Perspective and The ground glass attachment for R-TLRs
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-01/0096.html (R. Knoppow)
 Another thread on the plane glass "film-flattener", start here
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/1121.html (C. M. Freaza)
 Dimensions of focusing screens for Rollei TLR and Hasselblad cameras
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0929.html (G. Lehrer)
 screen stories for R-TLRs, a long thread; you can start here:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0392.html (P. Kotsinadelis)
 Rolleigrid, Rolleiclear
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0975.html (S. Keller)
 "the final word regarding R-TLR focusing screens"
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0743.html (P. Kotsinadelis, Bill Maxwell, Harry Fleenor)
 The Rolleimarin underwater housing for R-TLRs, equipment and examples
 of pictures by Don Williams
 When did 6-element planars start on the 3,5F ?
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1663.html (M. Jangowsky)

- ---
 http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/g645.html#rollei6k  addresses corrected

 SL66 series cameras and light metering
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1563.html (D. Seifert)
 For battery installation in the R-35 see
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1621.html (R. Chiasson)
 Rolleiflash 2 instructions 
 Another web site where RUGgers are welcome to display pictures:
 A presentation by Eric Goldstein http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-01/0103.html
- ---
      3.2.4 Do-it-Yourself (DIY): maintenance, repair, home-made accessories, home darkroom

- ---

 R-TLR skipped or double frames, maintenance needed:
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0541.html (R. Knoppow)
 R-TLR "E" or "T" with non-coupled selenium meter, mechanical switch/baffle
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/1254.html (G. King and related thread)
 Do it yourself circular polarizer  
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0826.html (D. Williams)
 Haze problems in a 2,8D TLR xenotar lens
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0072.html (R. Knoppow)
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-04/0084.html (T. Belcher)
 Potential health problems with darkroom chemicals
 http://digistar.com/rollei/2003-05/0117.html (G. King)

- --------------------------------------------- 
 4. Bibliography
- ---
    4.1 Technical and historical books and articles on Rollei cameras
         4.1.1 Books

In French
 "La Pratique du ROLLEI", Mannheim, L.A., Éditions Paul Montel, Paris,
 1955. FRBNF32414295 Info from E. Bigler:"translation of Mannheim's book".

- ---
 "Rollei-guide", Emanuel, W. D., (translation) Éditions Paul Montel,
 Paris, 1953. FRBNF32075949
 "F & H Rolleicord", Patrice-Hervé Pont "Foto Saga" series, Éditions
 du Pécari, 64600 Anglet, France. http://www.atlantica.fr
- ---
         4.1.2 Magazine articles
In Frech
 "Le Photographe" "Rollei 6008 AF" by Maxime Champion, issue #1605,
 March 2003, pp36-37
- ---
    4.2 Photographers' works ; most images taken with a Rollei camera
 "Jazz Seen", Claxton, William, Foreword by Don Heckman, 
 ISBN 3-822878685, Taschen America (April 1999)
 "Eudora Welty Photographs", foreword by Reynolds Price, 
 ISBN 0-87805-529-0 Univ. Press of Mississippi (1989) 
 (pointed by Sanders McNew)
- ---
    4.3 Miscellaneous books with (among others) images taken with a Rollei camera
 In English
 "Irving Penn: Career in Photography", Westerback, Colin, ISBN 0865591520,
 (Art Institute of Chicago, 1997)
 In French 
 "Henry Clarke, photographe de mode" ISBN 2-87900-721-6,
 Paris-Musés-Somogy, Oct. 2002
 "L'Abbaye Cistercienne en France", Clarisse Renaud, ISBN
 2-84080-056-X - Editions Gaud, Aout 2002
 "Regard sur le monde Cistercien tome I", Bernard Peugniez, ISBN
 2-84080-080-2 - Editions Gaud, Juin 2002
 Info by Emmanuel Bigler: "Two books illustrated by the French
 photographer Henri Gaud. Most pictures (architecture) have been taken
 with a view camera, however for certain pictures like aerial views
 with long focal lenghts, medium format rules, hence the use of a
 Rollei 6008 as a companion of the large format camera."
A new section 5. is added below

 5. Miscellaneous references about Rollei and Rollei images : museum
    collections, movies, songs, etc...
 In French
 "Negative Blues", a song by the French artist Serge Gainsbourg with an
 explicit reference to the Rolleiflex. Reference pointed by Sanders McNew