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RE: [Rollei] Nathan's PAW 21: Celtic pride

Nice contrast of colorful befuddled fans with the purposeful uniforms in the

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I was in London Monday and Tuesday of last week. On Wednesday, the
Glasgow Celtic played in the UEFA Cup final against Porto in Seville.
This was a huge occasion for Scottish football fans (except presumably
the Glasgow Rangers supporters), and the flocked to the game in huge
numbers. Scottish fans are extremely popular abroad; they are fun,
colourful, drink a lot (hence are good business for local bars), but, in
a critical difference to English, German or Dutch fans, very rarely
cause any trouble. Unfortunately Celtic lost 3-2 in a great game, but
anyway Scottish football can be proud of the season just ended.

When I arrived at Gatwick Monday morning, I saw these two Celtic fans on
their way to Spain and asked them to pose:

(Rollei 35, Ilford Delta 400 developed in DD-X 1+4)

I then took the train to London and spotted this couple saying goodbye
at Waterloo Station:

(same data as main picture)

Monday evening, as is my habit, I was prowling the bookshops near
Tottenham Court Road station, and saw this scene at Borders, with people
reading and napping in the very comfy chairs:

(same data as main picture)

Finally, Tuesday evening I was on my way home to Switzerland, and again
ran into the Celtic supporters in the departure lounge at Gatwick. They
were loud and had taken over a large section of the bar:

(both Rollei 35, Fuji Neopan 1600 developed in XTOL 1+3)

The complete PAW index is at:

My web hosting provider is bankrupt and operating on autopilot, so if
the above links do not work, I have also put the pictures on Leica
Gallery Net:


All comments are welcome and appreciated.

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