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Re: [Rollei] OT A drop in speed of Delta 3200

Hi John,

       Aren't the effective speeds of Neopan 1600, T-Max P3200
and Delta 1600 rather similar in terms of speed?  I'm asking because
I'd like to know which gives the most effective speed, as you mention,
in terms of negative shadow detail, given the same developer.

      Is there a web site that would compare these three current


Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California

John Hicks wrote:

> At 01:47 AM 5/29/03 -0700, you wrote:
> >I expected it to be like Kodak's T-Max P3200 and really be 1600 in most
> developers.
>   The "real" speed of Delta 3200 (for "normal" contrast) is about EI
> 1000-1250 in phenidone developers; accepting about a grade higher contrast
> and a little lower than "normal" shadow detail gives a nice EI 1600-2000.
>   The "real" speed in a metol developer with "normal" contrast is all of
> about EI 500, pretty useless. EI 800 is of course doable but it'll show
> higher contrast and more grain than with a PQ developer.
>   By "real" speed I'm referring to the traditional speedpoint, which of
> course isn't really applicable in pushing but at least gives us a common
> reference.
>                                                                         John Hicks