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[Rollei] Re: OT A drop in speed of Delta 3200

John Hicks wrote:

> The "real" speed of Delta 3200 (for "normal" contrast) is about EI
> 1000-1250 in phenidone developers; accepting about a grade higher contrast
> and a little lower than "normal" shadow detail gives a nice EI 1600-2000.
> The "real" speed in a metol developer with "normal" contrast is all of
> about EI 500, pretty useless. EI 800 is of course doable but it'll show
> higher contrast and more grain than with a PQ developer.
> By "real" speed I'm referring to the traditional speedpoint, which of
> course isn't really applicable in pushing but at least gives us a common
> reference.

Once again... Ilford states the true ISO as 1000...

Eric Goldstein