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RE: [Rollei] Capa documentary

> I, and it seems many other RUGgers, missed the beginning of 
> the documentary.

RUGonians - Rejoice!

Check the schedule for your local PBS affiliate, as oftentimes worthy
offerings are repeated.  Here in the greater Seattle area, for example,
our  worthy PBS station (KUOW) is re-running this on June 13 @ 0200.
Perhaps your local PBS affiliate is also offering a late night
time-filling rerun as well.

This is way beyond my bedtime, so, with the aid of my latest self-help
book purchase ("VCR Programming for REAL Dummies") I plan to time-shift
it to watch at my leisure.

Looking forward to finally catching up with this much-discussed Burnsian

//  Russ Bates, who was amazed to pick up a book of Capa images
//  and discover RC and John Steinbeck on the back flap,
//  photo by RC w/Rollei, taken in mirror - mirabile dictu, I said!