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[Rollei] Capa documentary

I, and it seems many other RUGgers, missed the beginning of the documentary.

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> From: Phil Stiles <stiles  >
> Subject: [Rollei] Capa documentary
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> The Robert Capa documentary was a real treat. I'm not as harsh a critic
> as the Globe, and I thought it was great.

And what are "faux-noir melodramatics" anyway?

Its easy to find fault with a documentary.  I'm really tired of listening to
these old geezers.  However it was a
delight to see Cartier-Bresson, Marc Ribaud (who photographed China right
after the revolution), Ingrid Bergmann's daughter.

The story: Robert Capa, was powerful enough.

I found the business of his blacklisting interesting.  It sounded like they
made excuses (coverage of the Spanish Civil War and his trip to the Soviet
Union) and that he never joined the C.P.  Well, I've got news for you,
NOBODY joined the Communist Party.  Zero Mostel didn't and there's no
question where his sympathies lay.  I've known people who were denied
security clearance (admittedly a lower standard than blacklisting) merely
because they went to City College.  I don't think I've ever heard a story of
someone being blacklisted which wasn't colored in some way.  Except, of
course, late friends.

Anyway, the material on Robert Capa could easily go on for many more hours.
It was great.

> Much to my surprise, Rolleis were frequently seen with Capa. In one shot
> he has three hanging off various straps.  I tuned in late, but counted
> about eight shots of Capa with Rollei, and maybe three with Leica. I
> wish I'd taped the show; catch it if you can.