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Re: [Rollei] OT A drop in speed of Delta 3200

On 2003.05.29 11:15 Allen Zak wrote:

> In 48+ years of photography I have had bad samples of almost every
> Ilford
> film I ever used, plus some papers and chemicals (not ID11 or
> Microphen).
> During the same time period I had only one Kodak failure (Xtol!)
> although
> 80% of all my B&W supplies have been Big Yellow.  At first I
> attributed the
> failures to the rigors of an Atlantic crossing, but now believe there
> are
> deficiencies in Ilford's quality control.  That's my guess re your
> situation.

Interestingly, my experience is the reverse.  Up to now all the bad
film I have had was Kodak, mostly Kodachrome.  Used to love Kodachrome, 
after the fourth batch of bad film I gave it away.  I still use Kodak E6
mainly as most of the labs around me are Kodak based, so I get less than
optimum results from Agfa.  I haven't used Kodak much in B&W as the
exchange rates make the prices much higher than the competition.

> If you have any unexposed rolls of that batch, I suggest sending them
> to
> Ilford for their evaluation, along with your underexposed negs.  If
> the
> problem is theirs, they need to know about it and will probably
> replace your
> defective film. as well.

I still need to do the last few tests to completely eliminate any local
problems.  Otherwise I am reluctant to do much about it.  Ilford are 
more receptive to these issues than big yellow, but I am still a bit 
gun shy
after my attempt to sort out the Kodachrome problem.

- ---
Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au