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Re: [Rollei] Capa: Leica or Rollei?

Excuse me please, I didn't participate on this toppic,
but this is interesting: "...But I have seen
astonishing results of almost impossible subjects
taken with the Rollei only because it happened to be
the photographer's one camera and he was compelled to
carry out the work there and then with his available
equipment. In all such situations the Rollei can be
relied upon to give as good an account of itself, if
not a better one, than any other general camera
designed for conventional work. It might Drove boring
to give a list of unusual uses but two recent examples
might be quoted: (1) the amazing series of under­water
flashlight colour photographs taken under the sea by
both Dr. Hans Hass and Commandant Jacques­Yves
Cousteau, at depths up to 300 ft.; (2) the fact that a
Rolleiflex accompanied expedition which conquered
Mount Everest in 1953 under the leadership of
Brigadier Sir John Hunt of the British Army..."
I copied it from T. Aase's page.
All the best
 --- Don Williams <dwilli10  > escribió: > At
11:13 PM 5/28/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >Dan
> >
> >Though most of the pics of him with a camera show a
> Contax or a Rollei, 
> >what does it matter?  The results count.
> >
> >Jerry
> Jerry,
> Strange as it appears to seem to you, other camera
> users are often curious 
> about what cameras successful photographers use.  To
> see Capa choose a 
> Rollei for his combat parachute jump was indeed a
> surprise.
> Camera choice seems to be of great interest to this
> group and to similar 
> groups.
> Don Williams
> La Jolla, CA

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