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Re: [Rollei] Capa: Leica or Rollei?

At 11:45 PM 5/28/03 -0400, Dan Kalish wrote:
>In writing about the Robert Capa documentary which aired on tv tonight, the
>New York Times described him as a Leica photographer.   However, the
>documentary frequently showed him using a TLR, which looked like a Rollei.
>Did he?
>I learned that Cornell Capa is still around, with advanced Parkinson's.
>I'll have to visit ICP and pay my respects.

List Member Mike Fletcher is a good friend of Cornell, incidentally, and is
a noted Capa scholar.

Capa used a Leica for his early work but had switched to Contax shortly
before the Second World War broke out and that was to be his camera of
choice until his death, when he was carrying a Nikon RF and a Contax.  He
also used a Rolleiflex Automat extensively.  His D-Day pictures included
those from the Rolleiflex for the run in to the beach, and a Contax on the


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