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Re: [Rollei] Introduction

> Welcome Stuart,

Thanks, and to everybody else who sent welcome messages.

> You will find this group often goes off on tangent threads that have
> nothing to do with Rollei.

So I see!

 >But, there is a lot of knowledge about
> these cameras on this list and I am sure any question you might have
> about Rollei TLR cameras can be answered.

That's what I'm here for.

> That you are getting flare on the 3.5F is a bit unusual - but has the
> lens shade solved that problem?

As I said, I think part of it was the light of Venice, bloody place 
looks like its flooded! But also I noticed that there was a small 
scratch at the top of the lens. In most circumstances it does not 
seem to affect performance, but I think that in circumstances 
where flare can be a problem it is somewhat magnified. The hood 
seems to make all the difference.

> Also, notice that a lens cap for a 3.5E does not fit the 3.5F and vice
> versa.

Yeah, that is strange. Suppose I'll have to look for a 3.5E cap.

Oh yes, and I have a 35B AND a very battered Rolleiflex original 
as well as the cameras I mentioned in the last post. I paid £15 for 
the original, ok as it looks pretty rough and doesn't take 120 film. 
Everything is operational though.