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Re: [Rollei] OT A drop in speed of Delta 3200

Richard Urmonas wrote:
> The last few rolls of Delta 3200 I have used seem to have low speed.
> Some quick tests indicate a speed of around 300 ASA.  Has anyone
> noticed this as well, or is it just a bad batch of film at my local
> store ?
> Thank you,
> Richard
> ---
> Richard Urmonas
> rurmonas  .au

I expected it to be like Kodak's T-Max P3200 and really be 1600 in most developers.
I shot 5 or 6 rolls at 1600 and realized the shadows were not cutting
it. Not there enough.
So i added another half stop bringing my film speed to ISO 1200. This
did the trick.
Trouble is that's only giving you a stop and a half above 400 speed films.
It's not 220 and it's lots of money.
So I'm shooting Neopan 400 for 120 and "Tri X" professional (320) for 220.
Planning on testing 220 HP5.

In 35mm I shoot Neopan 1600 at 1600. In Xtol 1:4 it looks like an ISO
200 film sharpness and grain wise.


Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA