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Re: [Rollei] OT A drop in speed of Delta 3200

on 5/28/03 8:28 PM, Don Williams at dwilli10   wrote:

> At 06:43 AM 5/29/2003 +0930, you wrote:
>> On 2003.05.28 00:17 Adrian Morgan wrote:
>>> Did you process it at home?
>>> maybe developer has gone off?
>> Yes processed at home.  I have used 2 different developers in case
>> this was the problem.  I have used 3 different cameras in case there is
>> a problem there.  Finally I have used 2 lightmeters cross checking
>> exposures against each other.  I have also used different batches of fixer,
>> etc.  About the only thing in common is the developing tank.
> Sounds like the old joke about the only thing in common being the tonic water.
>> Richard
>> ---
>> Richard Urmonas
>> rurmonas  .au
> Don Williams
> La Jolla, CA

In 48+ years of photography I have had bad samples of almost every Ilford
film I ever used, plus some papers and chemicals (not ID11 or Microphen).
During the same time period I had only one Kodak failure (Xtol!) although
80% of all my B&W supplies have been Big Yellow.  At first I attributed the
failures to the rigors of an Atlantic crossing, but now believe there are
deficiencies in Ilford's quality control.  That's my guess re your

If you have any unexposed rolls of that batch, I suggest sending them to
Ilford for their evaluation, along with your underexposed negs.  If the
problem is theirs, they need to know about it and will probably replace your
defective film. as well.

Allen Zak