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Re: [Rollei] re:OT 1911


Apologies because this is very off track.

Frank, nothing has changed.

Following the atrocious act of the Dunblane school massacre a few years ago
(which no one condones) ALL licensed handguns were banned and had to be
handed in. Compensation for the cost of the handguns was promised but still
has not been paid to many individuals, so a keen club pistol shooter who
"handed over and lost" two pistols tells me.

The US constitution with the right to bear arms would be welcomed by some of
us in the UK. An Englishman's home is no longer his castle. An elderly
farmer who shot and killed one of two burglars coming up the stairs to get
to him is being refused early release from a 7 year jail sentence because he
does not show sufficient remorse and might offend again! The burglars had
travelled 60 miles to break into his remote farm, which had been broken into
a number of times before.

Strict gun control over here controls the law abiding and prevents them
defending themselves. The criminals have no trouble getting all the guns
they want.

Sorry, I have got it off my chest now.

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> yes but the UK has been  a no gun state since before then and nothing
> untoward has happened so far!
> I've stayed out of this until now, but;;; at the outbreak of WWII the
British requested firearms for home guard use from the US. Private citizens
in the US
> responded by sending thousands of their privately owned arms to the UK.
These were pressed into home guard use only to be gathered up and destroyed
> after the war. As for the "no gun state" the british government didn't
institute restrictive gun laws until just after WWI in an effort to keep
arms out of the
> hands of the IRA, didn't work then, doesn't work now. Oh, BTW of the 10
industrialized nations the one with the highest overall crime rate is the
UK, the
> lowest is Japan, the next to the lowest is the US. We do have a higher
murder rate but a much lower crime rate
> Rant over !
> Neal F