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Re: [Rollei] Introduction

Welcome Stuart,

You will find this group often goes off on tangent threads that have 
nothing to do with Rollei. But, there is a lot of knowledge about these 
cameras on this list and I am sure any question you might have about 
Rollei TLR cameras can be answered.

That you are getting flare on the 3.5F is a bit unusual - but has the 
lens shade solved that problem?

Also, notice that a lens cap for a 3.5E does not fit the 3.5F and vice 

todd belcher
Vancouver BC Canada

Jerry Lehrer wrote:
> Stuart
> Welcome to our group!  You will find a large number of
> enthusiastic newcomers as well as a few jaded regulars.
> However we all seem to have fun talking and using Rolleis.
> Jerry Lehrer
> La Jolla, California
> INMAN J S wrote:
>>I have just joined this group, I have no idea how active it is so I'll
>>post a brief introduction. I live in London and am an artist who
>>now uses a lot of photography.
>>I got into medium format photography ten years ago with a
>>yashicamat. I still have and love that camera, but always wanted
>>more. A few years ago I got  a Rolleicord Va cheap, the focusing
>>was stiff and that was the only reason it was half-price. I had not
>>used it that much, but got good results, preffering to use the
>>Yashicamat. Then last year I got a Mamiya M645. A wonderful
>>and versatile camera, especially with the metered prism and
>>55mm lens, but I still craved a "real" Rollei with a nice square
>>glass and all that. Finally, earlier this year, I forked out for a
>>battered but otherwise perfectly working Rolleiflex 3.5F with a
>>meter. I took it to Venice with me and got wonderful results
>>except for those that had bad flare. (I suspect it is partly to do
>>with Venice, the proportion of pictures with flare was higher than
>>I'm used to. I managed to get a rubber hood, but am still looking for
>>a metal one.
>>Two weeks ago I saw a Rolleiflex 3.5E in Greenwich market
>>going for £150. I decided to chance it as I'd bouight stuff off the
>>guy before. it looked really sad when I bought it, dirty and
>>neglected, but I spent last weekend cleaning it up the best I could.
>>It was as if the machine was coming alive in my hands, and by
>>the time I put film in it everything had that silky-smooth feel that I'd
>>heard about the mechanics of Rolleis and had recently
>>experienced with the 3.5F. I have not seen the results yet, will do
>>so by the end of the week, but expect great things, the machine
>>seems fairly perfect. Oh, and I got  a leather case and scissor
>>strap thrown in. Not bad for £150? Well, I can tell you next week!