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RE: [Rollei] Re: OT SPAM

I can't remember if I've posted a reply to this sort
of question recently; I think it was on the MUG rather
than here, but if not, apologies.
I use a Yahoo! mail account for most of my groups, and
I get just about no spam at all (unless you count OT
posts about pens etc! ;)). I also use a Hotmail
account for some MSN groups, and that is a constant
recipient of spam, generally of the member-enhancing
By not using my main e-mail account for any groups, I
remain spam-free there - well, just about.
The Yahoo! "this is spam" feature seems to work pretty
well, and I can access it just about anywhere - it
suits me.


- --- Don Williams <dwilli10  > wrote:
> At 04:38 PM 5/27/2003 -0400, you wrote:
> >I don't think the SPAM is related to our Rollei
> list, but I have
> >received one or two offers that I know are based on
> someone/some group
> >trolling the RUG.
> >
> >I did not receive any SPAM at work until about 6
> months ago. Even though
> >my organization implements a multi-level anti-SPAM
> programs to block out
> >SPAM at the server level (40,000+ messages per day
> blocked!), I still
> >receive several SPAM messages per day from the same
> annoying spammers.
> >
> >R.J.
> My SPAM level has continued to increase almost
> exponentially for the past 
> few months.
> I agree that it doesn't really seem related to the
> Rollei list.  Often I 
> get SPAM messages which are all directed to my
> domain, with different names 
> in front of the @.
> Years ago I used to try to track everyone, find
> their host machine, and 
> send a note to the owner of the URL, but that is
> like spitting (a polite 
> word) in the wind.
> I think the only hope is for some existing and
> proposed new laws to come 
> into effect which will require the ISP's to verify
> that a source address 
> actually exists before accepting a message.  This
> may seem like a lot of 
> work for the ISP but I'll bet that if that is ever
> done it will result in a 
> net savings to the ISP's.
> What makes me think that the Rollei list isn't a
> specific target, is that 
> my business address (I consult from a home office)
> keeps getting messages 
> such as:
> "Dear sds,
> Would you like to . . . . . "
> (sds being Spectrum Data Systems, sds at san dot rr
> dot com)
> On a related subject, Pop Ups, I have found the free
> version of Pop-Up 
> Stopper is excellent.
> One more thing I would recommend, is that you get
> the latest free version 
> of Ad-Aware from LavaSoft.  It tracks down and
> deletes Trojan horses which 
> are sitting in your machine reporting your every
> move to various data 
> banks.  Here's a true example:  My daughter's
> machine is used mostly by her 
> kids, and they of course play games and also accept
> all the nice "helpful" 
> downloads.  Last week I installed Ad-Aware 6 on her
> system and found 254 
> reporting files on her system.  Took two runs to get
> it cleaned up.
> You can find Pop-Up Stopper and Ad-Aware with
> Google.  Their objective, of 
> course, is to sell you advanced versions, but the
> free ones work very 
> well.  Also, while you're at it, be sure to turn on
> the little firewall in 
> Internet Explorer.  It will do wonders for you,
> especially if you are 
> on-line with a cable modem or DSL.
> It goes without saying that everyone out there has
> Norton System Works 
> 2003.  It's being closed out and you can get it for
> around $5.00 net after 
> all the rebates, etc.  It has an all-up anti-virus
> program, one year of 
> automatic updates, and many nice tools to clean and
> check your installation 
> if you are running windows.
> I just got back from almost seeing Bill Gates.  He
> is up the street at UCSD 
> but when I got there for the meeting, the line was a
> mile long so I went 
> for a smoothie instead.  I'll see him on the nightly
> news.  The subject was 
> "A conversation with Bill Gates".  I saw him speak a
> couple of years ago 
> and the smoothie went down better anyhow.
> Don Williams
> La Jolla, CA

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