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RE: [Rollei] Re: OT spam

Lately, I've been getting a lot of unsolicited offers to modify or otherwise molest my private parts, too -- as well as offers to send me without benefit of a prescription all manner of prescription drugs beginning with the letters "V" and "X".  To me, the most annoying of all spamming, however, is the nightly flood of pop-ups from the extortionists who claim they'll eliminate pop-ups like theirs for only $39.95.  

 I, like Peter, have never journeyed to the darker side of cyberspace and have certainly not exhibited an interest in moist teenagers (since I was one, anyway), or any of the other unseemly subjects offered for consideration.  And, like Peter, my experience with this extremely annoying form of "free enterprise" began very recently. I do have a tough time believing the Rollei group is being trolled, though. Our reputation for wholesale wantoness is not that widespread, is it?

Craig Roberts