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Re: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

I've been in further contact with the seller. Not sure where he's coming from. Didn't answer query 
about his screens' provenance. Apparently a TLR user, having been converted from Leica on the 
Wetzlar-Braunschweig Road. Said the Planars on his E and F were better than the Tessar on his T, but 
then said he preferred his Rolleicords for actual use. So then, a 'Cord's JSK Xenar would seem to be 
better than his Tessar, and equal to or better than his Planars. What am I missing here? Ah, I have 
it: he's using an old 'Cord with a Triotar, and we would all agree that this lens 'way outperforms 
these new-fangled Tessars and Planars. Umm, we DO agree, don't we? :-)

Stan Yoder