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[Rollei] Re: OT 1911

The UK has no constitution. It did, however have a sort of democracy 
and law and order before guns were invented. Since guns were not needed 
to restore law and order neither police nor criminals had them. Since 
the fall of the Iron Curtain eastern European gangsters have been 
spreading everywhere. The UK is not as safe a place as it was, but 
still pretty safe.

> Jay Kumarasamy  asked
> At 09:47 AM 5/25/2003 +0100, Bob McClelland wrote:
>> I was wondering that, too.  All I know is that, if I owned one I 
>> would go to
>> prison if anyone knew.
>> Bob the Brit :-)
> Does your constitution say 'right to bear arms' ?
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>>> What's a gun?
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