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Re: [Rollei] Foresight pays off.

Back about 1966 0r 67 I bought a small multi-purpose machine tool called a Maximat 7.  Basically it's a combination of a 7 inch metal lathe and a small but very useful milling machine.

It was made by the same people who made the Unimat, but is bigger and more robust, and over the years I've used it for many small jobs, including boring lensboards, making new lensboards for my durst, machining filter adapters, and on and on.  The most complex thing I guess I did with it was to adapt a nikon 8mm fisheye for use on a Leica M. Oh, and yes, I've turned about 300 pen barrels on it.

Anyway, tonight, while finishing a small batch of turned plastic parts for a project, there began to be a loud "slapping" sound, which proved to be the toothed drive belt.. gone somewhat slack after all these years, and slapping against the motor housing.

Now.. the brag is this.  When I bought it.. I had the foresight to buy a spare belt, which I have, still in pristine condition in a plastic bag.  However, since I HAVE the spare belt, I actually don't need to use it yet, because when I removed the belt and reversed it, it ran quietly again, so for the moment, the spare remains a spare.

Moral?  Try to think ahead. 

G. King