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Re: [Rollei] OT: Acute Matte Screen.. Ebay

In a message dated 5/25/2003 11:04:02 PM Eastern Standard Time, vze2myh5   writes:

> The Hong Kong seller states (in reply to my query) that his screen (whatever its provenance) is 
> thinner than the Rollei OE, and thus focus adjustment will 
> prolly be necessary.
> Stan Yoder
> Pittsburgh

I'd say thinner beats thicker for purposes of ease of conversion.  The screens that Eric and I bought should probably arrive in a week or so, then I guess it will be a wait to see which of us actually attempts to use the thing first, and my guess (just a guess) is that Eric will get around to it before I do.

I have a variety of dial indicators that I can measure the thickness of both the original ground glass and the new screen with, but of course there may be more to it than this, since the focusing surface may or may not be the bottom surface of the screen, depending on how it's constructed.

In my case this "upgrade" is pretty far down in the que of things I plan/want/intend/might do, so it might just sit on my shelf for a couple of years.

G. King