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Re: [Rollei] Re: OT 1911

>From: "todd"
>What's a gun?
>Todd the Canadian

>From: "Bob McClelland" I was wondering that, too.  All I know is that, if I 
>owned one I would go to
>prison if anyone knew.
>Bob the Brit :-)

Here in Sweden one has to me a member of a shooting club for many months to 
get a licence to own a pistol or a revolver. You have then to stay a member 
and use the gun for sport activities to be able to keep the gun.

I was once interested in starting shooting with black powder guns, but the 
very hard rules and laws stopped me from getting active. you see, I can't 
just buy a gun to satisfy my wish to have this as a hobby, but have to get 
involved in sports. I'm not interested in sports. :-/

I don't have to have a licence to own a gun made before the 1890's or so, 
but I don't think I would feel safe shooting with an old original flintlock 
pistol that's almost 200 years old. :-/


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