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[Rollei] Re: Browning .40

<For me, automatics have always been more accurate than revolvers. Might be 
my hands, but I doubt it. My Browning Hi-Power .40 is a tack driver.>

OK, since we're wandering down this lane, Jeffrey, is that the S&W .40, which 
is reputedly a one-shot stopper?    My son is a cop in Arlington, VA, and 
they are issued a Beretta chambered for .40, and they use hollowpoints.  I'm 
interested in the caliber, but not the Beretta, which seems to fall apart in the 
sandy environment in the Middle East according to the reports I've read.

Now, the SAS uses Brownings in 9 mm, and they can certainly buy whatever they 
want.  I've been told they use the Brownings, despite the inadequacy of the 9 
mm for stopping power, because the Brownings point so well.  But Browning can 
also be chambered for the .40, and I'd love to hear more about it.

Maybe if somebody takes a picture of one with a Rollei and posts it we can be 
more on target?

David Chananie
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