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Re: [Rollei] Re: OT Sailor Fountain Pen

Eric and Robert

The owner of our list urges us, nay, encourages us, to correct
him, if we are right. (I hope I got all those commas right).


"Fox, Robert" wrote:

> Eric,
> No intention to sound scolding. My apologies. Just wanted to give our list moderator his due respect, especially on this weekend where we honor those who sacrificed for their country.
> R.J.
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> From: Eric Goldstein <egoldste  >
> To: rollei  
> Sent: Sat May 24 19:38:22 2003
> Subject: [Rollei] Re: OT Sailor Fountain Pen
> Fox, Robert wrote:
> > While we're talking about courtesy, never... (snip)
> And something for you to consider Robert... while we are talking about
> courtesy, here in civilian life when engaging in casual conversation, we
> never tell anyone, particularly someone we do not know very well, what they
> should never do! Comes across as rude, though I assume that was not what was
> intended...
> Eric Goldstein