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Re: [Rollei] Re: FS--23 May 03

Mmmh, might not be a bad addition to my Sl66 kit. 
Slobodan Dimitrov

Dale Dickerson wrote:
> I have the 30mm Russian MC and a Kiev 88cm to use it. The contrast is a
> bit less then my 50mm Rollei Zeiss HFT coated lens, but very good.  The
> difference is like comparing an image on Kodak Porta nc 160 using iso
> 160 vs using iso 80.
> I cannot compare my 30mm to the Zeiss version. I owned an early 1990s
> Russian 30mm and sold it to buy the newer MC version of the Russian. The
> MC is a great improvement over the earlier single coat version.  I agree
> client do not tell the current 30mm Russian from the Zeiss.
> Dale
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> Distortion is a given, even with my 40mm S/A. But, how's the contrast?
> Particularly with B/W.
> Slobodan Dimitrov
> QWhoZeiss   wrote:
> >
> > The Russian 30mm was outstanding.  When you think about what your
> > photographing with a 30mm.  The only things you can look at are
> sharpness and color,
> > distortaion??? The Russian on the 2000 FCW held it's own woth the
> Zeiss.
> >
> > I would not be worried showing the photos with it to a client, they
> can not
> > tell one from the other.
> >
> > T. Mike -- And it's still for sale.