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Re: [Rollei] OT: My New Fountain Pen

Carlos Manuel Freaza wrote:

> Jerry:
> I was confused due Ladislao Biro is considered
> an "argentinean inventor" here and the 29/9, his
> birthday, is the Inventor's Day in Argentine. He
> really invented the "birome" when he was in Europe,
> but he had an special relationship with Justo, the
> argentinean President, and this President invited him
> to produce the birome in Argentina first. Biro had 32
> invents patented and he is very appreciated in
> Argentina.-
> All the best
> Carlos

Hey Carlos, 

let's tell them about the colectivo, what do you think ?
then we can keep telling about the longest avenue in the world, then of the
widest one in the same world, then ... well you tell please.