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[Rollei] Re: OT 1911

> Jeffery Smith wrote:
>> I should have known that this group, who values the simplest and best,
>> would know what a 1911 is. Weren't both the Rolleiflex and 1911 designed
>> around the same time with WWI in mind?
>> Jeffery
> Hi Jeffery -
> The first F & H products were stereo cameras designed and produced post-war
> in the 1920s... As for the .45 ACP, lore not withstanding, I don't know if
> every GI who actually shot them in combat would agree that they were the
> simplest and the best. My own father, who was an ordinance and supply
> Sargent in WWII, certainly would not... but perhaps you mean for the time,
> turn of the century?
> Eric Goldstein

Expanding upon this a bit, my Father relayed several stories of officers
regularly replacing .45 ACP with revolvers (.38 I think)... Reliability,
accuracy and handling taking priority over brute force and rapid reload...

Anyone know what revolvers were standard issue at the late stages of WW II?

Eric Goldstein