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Re: [Rollei] OT - Celestial Babble : ( was Sailor Fountain Pen)

I get the hint.

At 08:10 PM 5/24/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Well, If the inverting-core acceptor deflects the complex
>chronotron-feedback analysis, try to provoke a coil-composition reflex and
>several quantum biosphere resonances, this will create a restricted
>isovolumic cochrane graviton-prediction, which ought to in fact dampen the
>polarizing maintenance-filament formulas. Then attempt a minimum abstract
>component-delay correction phase to input a reversible lucifugal primary
>ionization perimeter operation to cancel the celestial info-sphere
>greenhouse effect level-limits. As you are doing this, set in motion six
>homeostasis global-attractors from the constant chemical
>cybernetic-induction elliptical-beam, this will dislodge a krypton
>placebo-molecule from the kinetic synthesis-accelerator, as a consequence
>affect the electromagnetic fiber-feedback engineering fractal controls,
>enhancing the parallel decaying energy diffusion force. Now turn on the
>hypothetical cryogenic quadrant energy matrix and logistical passive
>inducers to absorb the decayed ardamantium alignment chronicle
>containment-conduit effects. As you must have deduced by now, this will
>redirect the xanthous laser alignments authorization breach causing a
>zonifugal antimatter breakthrough in the enhanced chaotic krell-dechyon
>diodes, and compute cycles over cycles of the digivax engineering artificial
>atmosphere history and then instigate a cosmic brain-cell breakdown of the
>magnetic-flux generator flow confirmation. But do not aim at creating those
>NavCom neon-resonating memory utilization rectification reports prior to
>maximizing the modulating secondary matrix production of that CPU
>examination docking-module of the long-range field communication
>cyber-diagram, without first sub-spacing the tachyon-static singularity
>propulsion plasma intensity spectrum-resolution of the lunar-gas short range
>nucleogenic projection subdivision, or this will resonate a suspension of
>the hard-paradigm particle phase neutrino-level mopology of those soft-shell
>shutdown static xenons.
>Just my 2p's worth:-)
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> > The 1911 is super-reliable if given a "CLA" of sorts (throated, for
> > example), and kept clean. But wallow in the dirt with it and you'd be
> > better off with a Glock. Mine will chamber empty brass, which is pretty
> > good for an auto.
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